Lowcarb Cheesecake

English: We got a new recipe for you! What do you think about Cheesecake? I (Lisa) truly love it! But the original cheesecake contains a lot of sugar, fat and is unfortunately not healthy at all. That’s why I was thinking about creating a new, healthier version: Lowcarb Cheesecake For my recipe you just need … Continue reading

Quinoa Balls

English: Another day another quinoa recipe! 🙂 Because the quinoa porridge was that good I was thinking about another way to eat Quinoa for breakfast. What about little Quinoa Balls?? I made them with curd and grated coconut! They are perfect for breakfast or if you need a snack before or after a workout! What … Continue reading

Quinoa Porridge

English: Long time no hear, but now we are back with a new, delicious recipe for you!! Because I am a real Quinoa fan, I was thinking about how I could get it into my breakfast bowl! And this is how it goes: Quinoa Porridge I just replaced the oats I use normally with Quinoa … Continue reading


I’ve never understood the hype about Oatmeal. I was thinking that this is just a really boring breakfast…Now that I made it on my own, I really changed my mind. 😀 At the moment Oatmeal is my favorit breakfast (I prefer it over Cereal, and you should know how much I looooove Cereal) The thing … Continue reading

Carrot Cake

My colleague told me that he really likes carrot cake, that’s why I decided to bake one, because I’m the best colleague you know? 😉  But I didn’t like the recipes I found on the internet because all of them contained tons of sugar, flour or dairy products. That’s why I tried to create a new … Continue reading

Pumpkin Coconut Mash

Some weeks ago I started a histamine-free, gluten-free, especially lactose as well as dairy-free diet without any carbs. I tried this in order to detox for the next 8 weeks after a couple of appointments with my alternative/homeopathic practitioner. The beginning of my histamine-free journey was pretty hard: I felt dizzy, wasn’t able to work out, was … Continue reading

Minute Steaks with Coleslaw

We just had the best dinner since a long time and I decided that I really have to share this with you: Minute Steaks with Coleslaw. My mom and I prepared this on Sunday for our family dinner after walking two hours through the spring sun around a beautiful lake in our neighbourhood. We filled little beef … Continue reading

Gluten-free granola bars

A colleague from work recommend a website called realsportsfood.de, where she is ordering all kinds of healthy snacks and fitness food supplements. I really like the protein they are offering because it is completely natural and without any chemical additives. I also tried other proteins before but they were all super super sweet. :-/ The only … Continue reading

Banana Raspberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

I just bought a new kitchen helper!:) And I already love it: I was looking for a smoothie maker or mixer. There were a lot of mixers and smoothie makers with a medium price but bad reviews. So I decided to get a good quality product by paying a higher price. Terri already has a … Continue reading


Two weeks ago one of my colleagues at work bought accidently 3 zoodle slicers. She needed just one so she ask the other girls and me if we would need one. I saw many posts on instagram about zoodles and carrot noodles and thought that I really have to try this too so I decided to buy a pink (right, … Continue reading

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